Picea omorikacommon name Serbian Spruce (Serbian: Панчићева оморика, Pančićeva omorika,pronounced [pâːnt͡ʃit͡ɕɛv̞a ɔmɔ̌rika]), is a species of coniferous tree endemic to the Drina River valley in eastern Bosnia and Herzegovina near Višegrad, and western Serbia, with a total range of only about 60 ha, at 800–1,600 m (2,625–5,249 ft) altitude.

It was originally discovered near the village of Zaovine on the Tara Mountain in 1875, and named by the Serbian botanist Josif Pančić;[2][3][4] the specific epithet omorika is simply the Serbian word for “Serbian spruce”.

All other spruces are smrča (смрча) in Serbian.